Having a branch in Switzerland is a desirable goal for companies. Switzerland has a very stabile economy, and nowhere are wages and purchasing power higher than here. The Swiss market should not be underestimated and neglected, even though the total Swiss market only corresponds to about ten percent of the German market. Swiss companies in the service market, industry, trade, tourism, or in finance are successful in generating profits and enjoy having an outstanding reputation everywhere. The Swiss economy works so well since most Swiss people have been brought up in a multilingual society. The small country borders to Germany, Italy, France and rich Lichtenstein. Most Swiss speak Schwyzer-German, French, Italian and German, depending on the region. The Swiss people are sympathetic but headstrong. Someone who wishes to gain a foothold here should know the local customs and languages. Communication in Schwzyer-German, French, or Italian makes it easier to make contact and address others in B2B as well as in dialogue with end customers. Companies, which take this aspect into account, act more successfully and complete their projects quicker than those that do not. Outsourcing World supports you during the initial phases in Switzerland. Reduce the risk of a false start with annoying drawbacks. Make use of Outsourcing World´s free-of-charge, discrete and intense consultation. We accompany you and help you get started in beautiful Switzerland. We are also your contact in Switzerland. Work in Switzerland hand in hand with local, experienced call centers. Outsourcing World has professional partners who are specialized in your target group and speak the local languages. Investing in local specialists has proved to be highly efficient. In Switzerland, gaining customers through regional call centers is far easier and more successful than elsewhere. Investing in local customer services is rewarding and pays for itself.
Havisham Park

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